Tatami – Cirque du Soleil KÀ – MGM Grand Las Vegas

Tatami Stage

The Tatami Stage system was developed by le Cirque du Soleil in cooperation with McLaren Engineering Group, Marnell Corrao Associates and MGM Mirage Design Group to respond to the particular scenic needs.

The system uses electrical and mechanical device to move a 30’ x 30’ stage platform with a 4 degrees angle in conjunction with a scenic creation that can be changed or adapted.

This system is composed of a lower frame attached to the structure and two other moving frames. The 150 HP motor is located on the lower frame and drives the intermediate frame to run at 18” per second on a 21’ travel. The 75 HP is located on the intermediate frame and drives the Upper frame at 18’’ per second on a 21’ travel.

The intermediate motor and controls are fed by a traveling cable chain. The cable traveling chain also feeds the Tatami stage itself and provides air, gas and electricity for special FX.

Tatami arm wrist slew ring
Tatami gearing
Tatami in our workshop
Tatami view from audience