Fishes & Turntables – Seaglass Carousel – Battery Park, NY

Carousel inauguration

Show-Canada is proud of the realization of the Seaglass Carousel at the Battery in Manhattan NY. This innovative, aquatic-themed ride is offered to New Yorkers of all ages and tourists from around the world.

The visitors find themselves within a musical seashell structure of 30 illuminated fish of different changing sparkling colors and species that are up to 4.5 m tall, made of translucent fibreglass reminiscent of frosted colored pebbles of sea glass. 18 of which moving upwards, downwards and rotating in 4 different axes reaching a height of approximately one meter high fixed on 4 motorized turntables, one of which rotates at 360° and the others rotating at 180°.

The other 12 static fish are divided in 3 groups of which 2 of them can accommodate wheelchair access. Our talented team composed of professionals and technicians of various specialties is thankful to have participated in the creation of such a monumental piece of art!

Fish making in our workshop
Fish making in our workshop 2
Turntables making in our workshop
Fishes lighting test
Main turntables structure
Mold of a fish