Dome – Wynn Macau Kinetic Atrium

The Skycab attraction featuring our amazing Dragons project at Wynn Palace.

The Copper Dome is an artistically finished dome that is actually an articulating iris. The dome is divided into six (6) spiral cut leaves, which are mounted on single pivot hinges. When the leaves are closed, the dome is a complete shell which obscures the lift and wagons in the pit below. During the show, the leaves are pivoted open with large linear actuators. The action is such that all 6 leaves open like an iris to reveal the lift. The leaves rotate back and down, in order for each neighbor leaf to clear one another.

Once the Copper Dome is open, the lift is free to ascend and descend. When the lift has descended at the end of the show and the tree is clear of the Copper Dome, the Copper Dome leaves are pivoted back into place, forming the complete dome again.

 Each leaf is driven by an electric linear actuator, coupled with a pneumatic cylinder. The actuator pushes a clevis that is mounted to the leaf structure at a distance from the pivot point, and the actuator itself pivots during the travel to allow the dome leaf to pivot down and out.

Dragon with the Skycab in Macau
Inside the neck of the dragon